Workshop under the sign of creativity

The main aim of the workshop is to give students a refreshing session where they can use some hands-on activities and be creative through using English in business context and having fun after all. The workshop is divided into two sessions which are tailored to meet the units being covered.

For the first session, students have two choices. First, “Some business travelers are visiting your country to do business. Part of your job is to entertain them and do sightseeing. Create a poster mentioning the places that they will visit”. Second, “Some business travelers are visiting your country for the first time to do business. They would like to taste your country cuisine. Create a Menu which includes a variety of dishes. Consider the following: Appetizers/starters, Main dishes, Desserts, Beverages, Décor/Atmosphere”.

For the second session, students have three choices. First, “You look forward to creating your own business, think of/ come up with the brand name including the logo and slogan”. Second, “The company you work in needs to target new customers to increase sales. Think of a certain event or celebration where you can promote (a new or existing) product”. Third, “The company you work in is going under, you are asked to update and enhance the brand image in order to gain its position in the market again”.

The workshop then finishes by having students present and talk about their work or art and hold a small discussion in groups.